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[Place]Engaru-cho Shirataki Kitashiyubetsu 152-3, Monbetsu-gun, Hokkaido, Japan

[size] 42 hectares

[Crops] Potato, winter wheat, sweet corn, sugar beet

[Business contents] Farming, Direct sale of crops on the Internet, management of farm stay "Ezura farm", Farm experience, Farm volunteers, Himmeli, Company training through farm work, etc.


At the age of 30 years old, We ended our office worker-life in Tokyo and moved to Hokkaido. After three years of training, in April 2012, We became a new farmer. Ezura farm will support people.those who want to start new farming, those who want to work in agriculture. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested.



Akito Ezura

Born in 1979. I went to Tokyo with the opportunity to enter university. After graduation he joined a human resources company listed company as a planning sales person. After joining the company, he concurrently managed the management of a team of more than a dozen people. The 30-year-old will make an effort to start new farming in Hokkaido. Recently I am looking forward to remodeling everywhere with DIY. Serious and gentle (maybe ...). I am weak to my daughter.

Yoko Ezura

Born in 1980. I am from Kyoto City. After graduating from a university in Kyoto, he worked as a product plan at a major food and cosmetics maker in Yokohama. Recently, he is fascinated by Himmel (Finnish traditional straw mobile) using home-made wheat. I enjoy enjoying everything and challenging, but quite a bit ominous.


Our blogs are written only in Japanese.​​

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152-3 Shirataki Kitashiyubetsu, Engarucho, Monbetsugun, Hokkaido,099-0121   Japan



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