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Things that were hard, things that were fun, etc. 


Third grader woman (Aichi) / March 2019 Stay for 12 days

Farming Experienced

House preparation, sowing of sugar beet, snow melting agent spraying, cutting of trees, cutting of trees, etc.


It was fun

Life with a large number of people, farming practices that can not always be experienced, relationships with non-chan, making kamakura.


It was serious

Gacchan (※ work to set up a nursery of sugar beet), that my whole body got muscle pain without knowing it. (It also has good memories)



I was able to experience and experience the goodness of Hokkaido, the hardship, hardship and necessity of agriculture from my daily life! My lifestyle, food, values ​​and attitudes towards people changed greatly. It can be tough, but if you are interested in Hokkaido, agriculture or farm stay, you should be prepared and come! That's why I really recommend it as an experienced person!



Third grader woman (Aichi) / March 2019 Stay for 7 days

Farming Experienced

House preparation, sowing of sugar beet, snow melting agent spraying, cutting of trees, cutting of trees, etc.


It was fun

・ We played footbath and card game together.

・ We put snow melting agent.

・ Having a crack.

-Playing with snow.

・ Himmeli making

・ There was a lot of fun besides work.


It was serious

The work was hard because I needed to work harder than I expected and I needed strength.



Everything is a good experience, a good memory! Efune is very nice and I just think it was good to be able to participate!



Third grader woman (Aichi) / March 2019 Stay for 7 days

Farming Experienced

House preparation, sowing of sugar beet, snow melting agent spraying, cutting of trees, cutting of trees, etc.


It was fun

Farming was a lot of work, but there were a lot of things I could not usually do and it was fun. Also, I could do my best in Hokkaido, such as playing snow, and it was so fun every day I thought it would be good.


It was serious

After a long time in my communal life, it was difficult at first. But after a few days I got along with everyone, and at last I felt lonely to return to my original life.



I applied for this volunteer with light feelings. However, I feel that I received an enjoyable and valuable experience that is incomparable to the original feeling. There is definitely a valuable experience that can only be done here, but only now, so I hope you take on the challenge.



Second-year university student (Kyoto) / March 2019 Stay for 7 days

Farming Experienced

House preparation, sowing of sugar beet, snow melting agent spraying, cutting of trees, cutting of trees, etc.


It was fun

Having eaten together in the morning, lunch and dinner, we could talk with various people, and being intimate with the people and families staying together through farming. We provided many experiences that can only be done in Hokkaido, such as snow farming, snowshoe, kamakura, sleigh and so on.


It was serious

Treatment of loneliness and emptiness that comes after leaving the farm



If you are interested in volunteering, we recommend that you try volunteering without thinking about anything further. Volunteers don't get money, but unlike part-time jobs, there is a ten-fold sense of accomplishment and fulfillment as part-time jobs because they do it for people and not for money. If I volunteer, I wonder if I will try to get something from myself, and I think I will expand my possibilities. I think that it would be absolutely impossible to get anything, not feel, not notice, so I think I should try volunteering once.



University second grader woman (Sapporo) / March 2014-March 2015 September 2017 Total four months stay

"It was serious"

・ There was pressure when I thought that every job was responsible. (If you do not get all the sprouts when you get on the sowing machine ... if the boxed crop goes to the customer as it is, you have to do it properly ... etc.)

"It was fun, it was good"

・ Every day, I was surrounded by the mountains and the sky and I felt good.

・ It was fun to work with, and take a break with, Mr. Demichi (※ calls about Mr. Part in Hokkaido).

・ When we all took a break in summer, it was fun to break the watermelon under the tree and eat it, and to eat the melon. I was deeply impressed because I helped plant the watermelon and melon seedlings.

・ Because I could see the whole process from seed to sprout and grow up, I felt like an aunt of relatives watching the growth of a small child.

・ In the morning in pajamas, Mr. Hayato made a phone call saying, "A deer has come out of the field!", And it was fun to follow the deer and to leave the field while ringing a sounding thing. I used to think that deer were cute, but I have never been as bad at that time.

・ It was good to be able to interact with people from Ezura Farm.

・ It was fun to cut trees so that the sun would shine in the field and to carry the trees became a giant.

・ We make way of brick in garden, paint plaster in room, and can experience DIY that we can not do very much and will keep it from now on.

-At first, I thought that I was serious and scared to work (laughs) Some people like me who I can rely on, and I can rely on my brother (father?). At first, she thought that she would be a perfect housewife mom with all sorts of food, but she thought it would be difficult to get close (lol) there is a missing part and she is like an elder sister who can be left as it is.

・ I think that farming was fun every day because it is Shirataki. Because there is no such nature. Mountains and stars are beautiful.

・ I did not like insects, but when I thought it was work, I became safe.

・ I thought it would be nice to cook and eat vegetables and greens that are hard to say. I also enjoyed making dumplings with yomogi. I also made chips with beats.


Fourth grader male (Sapporo) / Stayed October 10, 2014

I took care of it a little late, and it was late October, so I packed the potatoes for 10 days and sent them out. On the day Ezura Farm was taken up on TV, I remember that the phone and mail did not stop and I made a happy scream. (Lol) Assemble a basket like Lego with an efficient dispatch system with Yoko, It was also interesting to evolve. What a delicious thing of the hot coffee of the break to drink in the beautiful air of Shirataki (^ ー ^) The food of Yoko is delicious and 10kg is also a good memory for 2kg thick (lol) Mr. Hayato brought up to fishing in autumn After a while, I enjoyed delicious salmon roe and fillets. (The secret is that the prisoner could not fish. ...)

Thank you very much last year. Thank you again this year!


First-year university student (Sapporo) / September 2014, March 2015 Total 9 days stay

I think that it was only a little hard to take a small bag by hand after getting on a digging machine, and it was a little hard just to come to the waist (lol) I was very comfortable because everyone at Efune was too at home. So that the first anxiety is gone on the first day. All the rice in the morning, lunch, and dinner is really delicious because it uses vegetables made at the Echi farm. And because everyone eats it is more delicious and fun! ! ! The room to stay is very beautiful! The scenery around the house is beautiful! It's too cozy and you can even lie in the living room. Everyone of Emen family is fashionable! Life is fashionable! I have only fun memories (laughs) (laughs) (laughs)


Fourth grader woman (Sapporo) / Stay September 7th, 2014

There was not much that was difficult! (Laughs) It's fun every day, ..., if you say that it was just what you wanted to get rid of dirt when sorting potatoes. I thought it would be difficult to get up early early, but if I could get up for the first morning, I could get up in the morning even if I was exposed to the sun every day, even if I got into the sun every day, even if I got tired and slept! What I enjoyed was that it was the first time that I wore a work clothes and do farming work, and it was exciting to push the tricycle and get on the truck bed! Planting garlic and thinking about growing up properly, thinking about people who eat corn and looking for big ones was fun, eating and cooking vegetables and fruits that I had harvested myself It was very fun too! Also, I was able to make pops and stamp stamps on cardboard boxes, and I was very happy when I saw them being used! It became long (laughs) It was very fun to chat with everyone when I was after dinner and to play with my daughter (laughs)


Graduate first grader woman / Stay September 4th, 2014

1 It was serious ... not so much (laughs) It might be because the period was short ... but ... I did not think it was really serious ... (laughs) 2 It was fun ... Farmers who can not usually experience It was fun to touch my life and work with me! After that, Mr. Yoko's rice was delicious, and the food was also studied (laughs)


Graduate first grader male / September 2013, October, March 2014, January 2015 Stay for about 1 month in total

"Chaleo's Farmhouse Experiences" So far, I have had several farm stays with other farmers, but the comfort of the Emen Farm is special. I lived like my home, and I apologize for any inconvenience, but it welcomed me warmly. The work involved harvesting potatoes, sorting, boxing, harvesting beets and sowing beets. It was the first time to harvest potatoes, and it was difficult to have old machines. Now it seems to be new, so those who are going to stay on the farm are lucky from now on Lol Please enjoy your life in the farm.


First-year university student / September 2014, March 2015 Total 9 days stay

At first, I was nervous and anxious about living and farming at a home where I had never met, but the Eji family really welcomed me warmly. It was quick to settle down and I was able to feel like my own home! I had a lot of work from early morning, so I was not good at getting up early, but I felt that I had a great sense of accomplishment after finishing, and the warmth of the family who surrounded the dining table with everyone was happy. Life at Efune was an endless day of laughing! (I would like to disturb you again, thank you.)


Fourth grader woman / Stay September 7th, 2014

There was not much that was hard (laughs), but I felt that it might be difficult for some people to repeat simple work or have a hard work! I liked simple work and hard work, so I was not too much trouble (laughs) What I enjoyed was that I met various people in a new land and I felt a sense of accomplishment that I could do one thing together That's it! I also enjoyed the exciting feeling of jumping alone into a place that no one knows (^ _ ^) The snack time after work was an attractive snack unique to this farm stay \ (^ 0 ^) / Harvesting the corn, I experienced the position of the producer instead of the consumer in the wind of shipping, and I was attached to the vegetables I had eaten so far, and I was able to enjoy daily rice even after I returned


Adult (late 20's) Male / Stay May 5 May 2014

The section was greatly indebted. "I'm bothering you at an unknown home" and "helping with the farm work" are both my first experience, and I dived with great anxiety, but it was a very enjoyable and memorable experience as Egami-san welcomed me warmly . I helped with the transplant of sugar beet (disturbed), but the abdominal muscle ache caused by the work of the seedling sorter (?) Was very pleasant ♪ In addition, all the meals that I had treats are delicious, especially wasabi washi Soy sauce pickles are impressive and still come true. I want to disturb you again. Thank you!

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