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Voices of past friends 2020 


4th year university male (Gunma) / April 2020 August September Stayed for a total of 81 days

・ The opportunity to apply

I wanted to spend a lot of time doing big things, but when I heard about a friend who had a farm stay at Ezura Farm before, I decided to apply.


・ Experienced farm work

Planting, harvesting, preparing them, cleaning up, etc.


・ It was difficult

The work of the farmer was a lot of hard work, and it was sometimes difficult. However, the rice I eat after such work is incredibly delicious, and I can sleep soundly like I have never experienced before, so I definitely want you to experience it!


・ What was fun

It was a really valuable experience to be able to interact with people from various backgrounds, including the Emen family, staff, and other volunteers. In addition, the leisurely life surrounded by nature became an irreplaceable memory.


・ Message to those who are considering applying

I want you to take on the challenge. This is because various "awareness" can be obtained through farm stays.

For example, in terms of communal living in an unfamiliar place, you can be aware of each and every casual activity in your daily routine, and in terms of volunteer activities, you "work" from a different perspective than a part-time job to make money. You can rethink that.

I think that living at Ezura Farm will give you an opportunity to review your everyday life!



4th year university male (Aichi) / April 2020 July August Stayed for a total of 30 days

Trigger for application

I wanted to experience something I couldn't usually do surrounded by nature, and I wanted to spend a meaningful time in the corona


Experienced farm work

Potato sorting

Stone picking, weeding

Broccoli harvest


It was hard

It was hard to work with nature because it was cold in winter and hot in summer even though it was in Hokkaido.

Harvesting is a moment, but the work before that is difficult because there are many sober jobs and concentration.


What was fun

Everything was fun, including hard work!

I worked all day, ate delicious food, talked to all the volunteers, and although I wasn't doing anything special, I was happy just living!

On holidays, I had a great time baking pizza in a pizza kiln and having a horseback riding experience!



It's not easy at all, but I think it's a job that anyone can do if they have the motivation.

Some people may feel uneasy about living together, but those who come to volunteer will have the same feelings, so they will definitely get along with each other!

Everyone at Ezura Farm treats me warmly like a family and I can live a really comfortable life, so I want you to apply without hesitation!



Working people in their 30s (Hokkaido) / Stayed for 16 days on July 2020

・ The opportunity to apply

I knew the existence of Ezura Farm because my main job was originally operating accommodation facilities.

Looking at the homepage, I felt the warmth of the Emen family, and when I saw the blog, I sympathized with and was impressed by the story, and I was attracted to the personality through articles about myself, and I wanted to get involved someday.

Meanwhile, when I was taking a leave of absence from work in Corona and thought about how to live, the first thing I came up with when I thought about the place where I could learn agriculture unique to Hokkaido and the incumbent tourism industry at the same time was Ezura Farm. It was Mr.

Also, there was a statement that volunteers were very popular and even selected, so I was wondering why they were so popular.


・ Experienced farm work

Broccoli harvesting, garlic harvesting, mowing with a mower, weeding, chopping wood, cleaning guesthouses, helping with banquet preparation


・ It was difficult

I usually do desk work and do little exercise, so it was hard work to move my body all day long.

The hard work was weeding the beets. It was endless to weed the endless farmland in the scorching sun. Lol


・ What was fun

There were people of all ages and fields, including volunteers and people living in the area, so it was fun to be involved.

Making pizza outside, having a barbecue, and taking me to curling and rape field were also very good memories.

Living in the great outdoors is extraordinary in the first place, so it was fun.


・ Message to those who are considering applying

If you are in doubt, you should definitely try it. I felt that what I learned here was many times more than what I learned in my daily life.

Mr. and Mrs. Emen are not just looking at them as volunteers who work, but they are involved in seeing and interacting with each and every one of them so that they can feel the value of living there.

You can gain experience here that you can never buy with money. I support you!

The vegetables served every day were delicious enough to die. You will be healthy. The essence of human life is here.



3rd year college student female (Kyoto) / August 2020 17 days stay

・ The opportunity to apply

When I was looking for a long-term intern in the agricultural field for job hunting, I became interested in farm stays and arrived at Ezura Farm's homepage.

I have been interested in large-scale agriculture for a long time and applied because I wanted to try it in an unknown environment.


・ Experienced farm work

Harvesting potatoes and corn


・ It was difficult

Manually harvesting potatoes in areas that cannot be machined, such as in the corners of fields.

Thanks to actually experiencing the difficulty of the work, I was able to feel the gratitude and deliciousness of the food even more strongly.


・ What was fun

Work time, rice time, time spent with Yoko, Akito, Non-chan, and all the volunteers. It's all. (Lol)

It was a short period of two weeks, but everything was fresh, full of excitement, and exciting every day.


・ Message to those who are considering applying

I was full of tension and anxiety about participating alone, but Ezura Farm is a warm person, including volunteers, so I can get to know it immediately!

I think that experiencing farming while being surrounded by nature will definitely be a plus for my life in the future.



2nd year university female (Toyama) / September 2020, stayed for 35 days

・ The opportunity to apply

I was originally interested in nature, and after seeing the attractive website of Ezura Farm, I wanted to enjoy farming in the vast land of Hokkaido.


・ Experienced farm work

Sorting potatoes, packing in boxes

Harvesting red beets and beets


・ It was difficult

Harvesting work shortly after coming


・ What was fun

All the experience at Ezura Farm!

Farming in the wilderness, Yoko's delicious daily meals, interaction with various people, activities such as horseback riding, curling and fishing on holidays, making Himmeli, all are wonderful memories. What left a deep impression on me was that I was able to get along with the starry sky on a sunny day like a sister with Non-chan ♡



At first, I was a little worried about the farm stay in a land I didn't know, but the Emen family warmly welcomed me and I was able to get used to it immediately. All the experiences at Ezura Farm, including farming, were fresh, and I felt the splendor of living in the great outdoors. It's a place where I'm glad I went and want to go again.

If you are interested in it, please go!

You will love Ezura Farm ♡



4th year university female (Osaka) / Stayed for 15 days in September 2020



At the end of my university life, I applied with a light feeling that I would like to make some memories and experience agriculture in Hokkaido. I was able to learn the joys and difficulties of farming through a wide variety of experiences such as harvesting beets, sorting potatoes, and cleaning equipment. On my days off, he took me to mountain climbs and sightseeing in neighboring towns. For me, being able to meet and interact with many people, including the Emen family, was a big benefit of participating in volunteer activities.

If you are considering applying, please apply! It's more fun, fun, and learning than you can imagine!


Real intention


I hate studying abroad in Corona halfway and ending my college life as it is. I applied with the desire to do something interesting and want to farm.

It's more fun every day than I expected, and I remember climbing mountains on holidays, driving dates with Yoko, playing games at night with everyone, and getting Nana-chan's spins on the final day. .. It is also a wonderful memory to learn about the difficulty of agriculture and the importance of teamwork. However, the first thing I learned was that "Osaka people should not always be good at it." One day, when I was eating potato ice cream, the landlord suddenly said that I would pick up cinnamon, and he brought me a gang. At that time, I still regret that I couldn't blur anything and did something I shouldn't do as an Osaka person. Therefore, I will keep in mind the fact that I will always put up a comedy antenna, which I gained from this experience. If you are a Kansai person who is thinking of applying, we recommend that you prepare the material in advance and participate.


Female in her 20s (Osaka) / Stayed for 13 days in October 2020

[Opportunity for application]

I had a longing for a self-sufficient life and had always been interested in agriculture, but I had hardly done it, so I applied because I wanted to experience farming properly.

I really like nature, and in the future I want to live deeply involved with nature, so I hope I can absorb various things from the Ezura Farm, which is realized by my family. I applied for volunteering.


[Work content]

・ Beat harvest

・ Boxed potatoes


[It was difficult]

・ At first, I was surprised at how hard it was to use my physical strength. I walked about 30,000 to 40,000 steps almost every day, picked up beats, and had a lot of muscle pain. I was too tired to go to bed at night.

-Carrying a container with a lot of potatoes. At first it was too heavy to lift.

・ I'm not so good at morning, so I thought it was a little difficult to get up early. I was wondering if I would oversleep, and I woke up in the middle of the night (laughs).


However, I was told that I can do more agricultural work in 3 days, but after about 3 days, I wondered if I really gained strength and muscles, so that I can get used to the difficult work and be able to do it speedily. It became more and more fun.

You can now carry a container with potatoes that you couldn't lift at first by yourself.

Even if I get up early, when I get into the habit, I get to sleep early at night, so I'm glad that I didn't have to worry and had a very healthy life rhythm.


[What was fun]

・ The feeling of accomplishment when all the beets were harvested was wonderful. I was so happy that I almost cried because it was difficult and because we all cooperated. It was a moment when I especially felt that this was also the beauty of agriculture.

・ Yoko always cooks the vegetables from Ezura Farm deliciously and serves them as rice in the morning, day and night, so I was looking forward to it and working hard. I liked the time around the table while saying "it's delicious".

I've become more and more fond of vegetables.

・ I loved the time to talk with everyone at Ezura Farm and everyone I met at Ezura Farm. Every day was warm, touched by various values, ideas, and thoughts, and felt a good stimulus. It was also fun to play a good game together. I was laughing all the time.

・ I enjoyed going out on my days off. Horseback riding, seeing nature, going to the Okhotsk Tower, going to the seal aquarium, taking a hot spring ... I had a lot of fun experiences that can only be done here besides agriculture. I think I was able to enjoy the holidays to my heart's content because I worked hard. My work and private life were very fulfilling.


[Message to those who are considering applying]

Not to mention agriculture, I think you can learn a lot more than that. At first, I was nervous and anxious about living and working with strangers in a land I didn't know, but I'm glad I was able to participate in Ezura Farm's volunteers so much that such anxiety disappeared in an instant. I think from the bottom of my heart.

If you are in doubt, I recommend you to take the courage and challenge yourself (^^)

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