Farm short diary

Field tour, harvest experience

June - October


2 hours

4000 yen / 1 adult

(half price for 3 to 15 years old)


From 2 people

Walking through a vast beautiful field.

Harvest seasonal vegetables.

If you also want to eat

"farm diary" is recommended.


Field tour


Take a guided walk through a vast field of a total of 42 hectares (approximately 9 Tokyo Domes). The field has various attractions depending on the time of year.
(We will lend farm-designed boots for preventing field diseases.)


Golden wheat field

around the middle of July

Potato flower field

around the middle of July

Wheat roll

around late July

Picking sweet corns

​around September

Even during this period, the fields show various expressions and attractiveness.

Harvest experience


You can harvest seasonal vegetables grown at Ezura Farm with a guide.

You can pick wild vegetables in spring and pick some nuts in summer.

You can take crops for your enjoyment.

Credit cards and Cashless payment are Available: VISA, MASTER CARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, JCB / PayPay, Alipay

Ezura Farm

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