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​Using freshly picked vegetables

Harvest restaurant "TRETATTE" offers dishes that use plenty of fresh vegetables just picked at Ezura Farm. Even in winter when vegetables cannot be harvested, we harvest and store them in autumn to provide vegetables with increased umami.

In the ​ harvesting experience, you can also serve a meal with the vegetables you have picked yourself.

Use local ingredients

For example, natural eggs from the neighboring “Hiraoka Farm”, free-range milk from the neighboring “Sato Ranch”, meat products from “Hakuyosha”, etc…

We proudly offer delicious, fresh ingredients purchased directly from local producers.

in the farm
superb view restaurant

The restaurant is located on the farm of Ezura Farm, next to the farm guest house. The view from the large windows is only the vast fields and nature.

You may be able to see the nature of the four seasons, the crops growing in the fields, the Ezura Farm members doing farm work, and sometimes even wild animals.

​Relax to your heart's content in this extraordinary space.



farm auberge

Attached for 2 or more peopleFarm Inn Ezura Farmstay at.

You can have a meal in the charter.


Dinner 3,500 yen (1 adult) (half price for children aged 6 to 14)

Breakfast ¥1,500 (1 adult) (half price for children aged 6 to 14)

private party

The restaurant can be reserved for parties of 8 or more. Please contact us for everything from lunch parties to various parties.

From 1,600 yen (1 adult, half price for children aged 6 to 14)You can bring your own drinks.

General open lunch

The restaurant is opened irregularly to the general public for lunch.

Open dayInstagramPlease check at (During winter holidays)

Harvest experience & meal

Farm tour and harvesting experience at Ezura Farm for 2 or more people.

We will provide meals using the harvested vegetables.


Farm diary (farm tour & harvesting experience about 2 hours, meal) Total 6,000 yen (1 adult) (half price for children 3 to 14 years old)

Farm short diary (farm tour & harvest experience about 1 hour, meal) Total 4,000 yen (1 adult) (3(Half price for children aged 14 to 14)

​In addition to the restaurant, you can also change to pizza kiln cooking and BBQ.

​For detailshere

Menu example

farm auberge

Dinner example

・Salad of freshly harvested vegetables

・3-color french fries

・Fried corn

・Potato pizza

・Venison hamburger

・Handmade bread

·vegetable soup


・1 soft drink

(Alcohol is charged separately or brought in)

morningfood example

・8 kinds of bean rice

・Miso soup with vegetables harvested in the morning

・Handmade bacon and natural egg bacon and egg

・Handmade pickles

・Boiled vegetables

・Mini dessert

​・1 soft drink

chartered paparty

・Consult with the budget from the dishes offered at the farmer's auberge

General open lunch

seasonal lunch menu

Harvest experience & meal

・Several dishes that make use of the deliciousness of the vegetables harvested that day

​ *In addition to cash, various credit cards and cashless payments are also possible (Visa, Mastercard®, UnionPay, JCB, American Express®, Diners Club, Discover, transportation electronic money)

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