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Overwintered potatoes from ShiratakiSale

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Surprisingly sweet and delicious "wintering potatoes"


The potatoes harvested in September of last year were laid in the muro for the winter. Potatoes convert their own starch into sugar to survive the harsh winter without freezing. As a result, the potatoes turned out to be exceptionally sweet and delicious "wintering potatoes" that are completely different from freshly harvested potatoes. We also have rare varieties that are difficult to obtain. Please take this opportunity to try it.

The next sale will be in September 2016.

sweet corn

Exceptionally sweet super sweet variety Sales period: September


I have never had such sweet corn! Ezura Farm's sweet corn, which many people are surprised to hear, is a sweet variety called "super sweet". The “sweet corn” harvested by hand in the morning is immediately boxed and shipped by cool delivery.

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