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Award history


Received the 12th HAL Agriculture Award "Challenge Award"

At the Agricultural Award by the Hokkaido Agribusiness Research Institute (HAL Foundation), we received the award for the following reasons.

○ Considering work-life balance, we are realizing agriculture as a job and living in the area.

○ With a novel project unique to new entrants, we are engaged in not only agricultural production but also related businesses centered on agriculture, and we can expect future development.

○ We are also focusing on creating and disseminating new culture in the region, and have become a core human resource in the region.

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Received the "Excellent New Farmer Award" at the 10th Co-Op Sapporo Agriculture Award

We received the award from Co-Op Sapporo for the following reasons in the "Agriculture Award to Support Excellent Producers in Hokkaido from the Consumer's Standpoint".

〇 In addition to making potatoes that are particular about farming methods and storage techniques in compost circulation in the area, innovative ideas in depopulated areas such as local revitalization in Himmeli, farmhouses, and living part-time jobs for Mr. Demon are new farmers. It was highly evaluated.

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Major media publications


Johnson & Johnson "Neutrogena CM"

" Slow trip Hokkaido vol.7"

Okhotsk Tour Rhythm Magazine "HARU"

JA Group Hokkaido TV commercial "challenge agriculture LIFE", etc.


President "President WOMAN"

Hokkaido Part-time Job Information Company "Like! Agricultural style Vol.7"

Hokkaido "Life Design Book"

Hokuren "GREEN"

Hokuren "Guidebook for recruiting and accepting part-time workers for farmers"

Hokkaido Agricultural Improvement and Extension Association "Farmer's Friend"

Seibundo Shinkosha "Florist"


Green Story Plus "Hokkaido Eating Communication"

coop Sapporo "Cho-co-tto" , etc.

December 2016

[Free paper] Ezura Farm was introduced in the December issue of coop Sapporo "Cho-co-tto".

September 2016

Ezura Farm was featured in Korokaru, a web magazine that publishes "local / regional" in Japan.

August 2016

The state of the "Engaru Mugi Festival" was featured on the information site operated by "Saihate Women's Journey Higashi Hokkaido ReBirth Project" that supports traveling women from a female perspective.

July 2016

The state of "Engaru Mugi Festival" was featured in the Hokkaido Shimbun (Engaru Monbetsu Edition).

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

[TV] Winter Ezura Farm was featured in "I LOVE JIMOTO Hokkaido" of NHK Sapporo Broadcasting Station "Connected @ Kita Cafe".

Saturday, March 12, 2016

[TV] NHK Sapporo Broadcasting Station "Burari Miteruki" featured the winter Ezura Farm.

February 2016

[TV] The activities of Himmeli no Kai aurinko were featured on NHK's "Connect @ Okhotsk".

September 2015

[TV] Picture book writer Sora visits Ezura Farm on HBC "Eatrip Hokkaido, Delicious Solo Trip". I cooked potato dishes together.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

[Radio] [Special feature for about 15 minutes] We appeared on TOKYO FM "Agrizumu" and talked about the background of new farming and current efforts.

Released on Saturday, April 4, 2015

[Book] Yosensha Junko Ito's "Agricultural Girls-Women x A New Field of Agriculture" introduced Ayumi as a female farmer, a farmer's inn, and the activities of Himmeli. Also, I had you use the photograph of Ezura Farm for the door.

Sunday, December 25, 2014

[TV] [Special feature for about 5 minutes] Hokkaido Broadcasting (HBC) Information program "Today's Doki" Ezura Farm, Shirataki Jaga, Overwintering Jaga were introduced.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

[Radio] [Interview for about 5 minutes] We appeared on STV Radio "Hidaka Akira Show" as Himmeli no Kai aurinko and talked about workshops at Tokyu Hands Sapporo store.

November 2014

[Magazine] Ezura Farm was introduced in the special feature "Agriculture seen by new farmers" by "Monthly Agricultural Manager" of Agricultural Management News Agency.

October 2, 2014

[TV] [Special feature for about 20 minutes] Hokkaido Broadcasting (HBC) Information program "Kyo-Doki" introduced the Ezura Farm, Shirataki Jaga, and the new Jaga 4-color set.

April 2014

[Book] The Hokkaido Shimbun Press Masako Yoshikawa introduced Ezura Farm as a producer who works hard in "Delicious Vegetable Shops Recommended by Vegetable Sommeliers".

Saturday, March 1, 2014

[Newspaper] [One-sided advertisement] Hokkaido Shimbun P30 Sapporo Breweries Ltd. The one-sided advertisement of wheat and hops The gold introduced the winter potatoes of Ezura Farm.

February 2014

[Free Paper] Ezura Farm was introduced in the special feature "People who open the door of agriculture" in "Like! Agricultural style Vol.4" by Hokkaido Arbeit Joho Information Co., Ltd.

December 2013

[Free paper] coop Sapporo "Cho-co-tto" December issue "Recipe of the earth" introduced the salmon pie of Shirataki potatoes and the producer (Emen).

October 22, 2013

[WEB] Emigration and Settlement Promotion Magazine Ezura Farm was introduced in the article "Struggles and dreams of young couples who newly started farming in Hokkaido" on the website "Local Shigoto" of the local Shigoto.

April 10, 2013

[Radio] We appeared on FM NORTH WAVE's "NORTH GARDEN" and talked about Shirataki potatoes.

January 24, 2013

[TV] [Special feature for about 10 minutes] NHK News "Anomachiko no Machi" introduced the efforts of the processing group of the Shirataki Jaga Production Subcommittee, Jaga Rinpic.

December 17, 2012

[Radio] We appeared on FM radio J-WAVE "IAM" and talked about Shirataki Jagaya Jaga Rinpic.

November 22, 2012

[TV] In the special feature "Discovered in Hokkaido! Too delicious potato dishes" on TBS "Hanamaru Market", the activities of the Shirataki Potato Production Subcommittee, potato limpics and recipe books were introduced.


J Group Hokkaido TV commercial


NOSAI public relations magazine


HOKUSAN-TV Daiki's Great Adventure


Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries BUZZ MAFF


Sogo printing northern style slow


​ By Sano Kazuya The future of the countryside


Yosensha Junko Ito "Nougyou Joshi" Intro Color Page


Hokkaido Shimbun front-page advertisement

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