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Straw mobile "Himmeli"

"Himmeli" is a traditional Finnish decoration made by connecting straw with threads. In addition to Christmas decorations, it has been displayed as a talisman for abundant crops and happiness. Its simple yet sophisticated design is beginning to attract attention in Japan as one of the Scandinavian arts.


Himmeli no Kai aurinko (Aurinko)

I was impressed by the golden wheat field and came across "Himmeli" when I was wondering if I could make something with straw to convey this beauty. I enjoyed making Himmeli with my friends for a while, but in the fall of 2014, Ezura Farm played a central role in launching "Himmeli no Kai aurinko". After that, people who agreed with my thoughts joined the group, and the number of members became about 10.

aurinko means the sun in Finnish. Himmeli made from wheat grown under the sky is continuing its activities so that it can one day illuminate the local area.


Wheat field at Ezura Farm. I hope to convey this beauty through Himmeli.

Himmeli Association aurinko's efforts

Order to get to know the joy of holding Hinmeri making workshops to many people, we hold a workshop in the center of the town.

Himmeri stores : Roadside Station Shirataki (Shirataki , Engaru Town) , Maruseppu Onsen Maure Sanso ( Maruseppu, Engaru Town), Chacha World (Ikutahara, Engaru Town), Hishigata Bunko (Sapporo), generalSTORE Luke! (Furano) , sno Living Things (Otosara Town) , handmade crayon studio Tuna-Kai (Sapporo Town), etc. ( We also ship custom-made products nationwide at aurinko. Please contact us.)

Sale of straw We sell straw from Engaru Town. (Since the stock is low, it is sold only at the workshop.)

Sale of Himmeli kit We sell kits that can make basic Himmeli. (We also sell online at Chacha World.)

Photo Gallery

↓ Please click the photo below. Jump to the photo album "Himmeli-Wheat field sushi-" on the Facebook page.

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