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Severe cold play research team ~ recommended winter plan ~


Micchan and Saki, college students from Tokyo who experienced heavy snow for the first time, came to experience winter activities at Ezura Farm!

All white! We propose fun extreme cold play in the unknown world "Shirataki" where the temperature can be 30 degrees below zero.

Actively enjoy winter!
Extremely cold snow covered plan


Kamakura making


Nabe party at kamakura


Chopping firewood




Frozen Pants (Invisible Man)




A romantic winter moment...
It's a snow world plan


Making hot sangria


light graffiti


starry sky walk


Kamikawa Sounkyo "Ice Waterfall Festival"

Excited to make it ♪ Feeling warm.winter handmade plan


ice candle making


Himmeli making


Cooking with a wood-burning stove


Making Mame Daifuku


This page is under construction.

Details of each plan will be released soon!

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